Page Four - The Beginning of the End
Or...We're Almost Done - It Will NEVER Be Done!!!

July 7, 2004 -
So, it's taken more time than I thought it would to get to this point.  Heat, work, and mechanical difficulties have been getting in the way.  Finally, today we got the last piece of sheet metal on the least I hope it's the last!    We've worked with the metal a lot to get it to this point.  Talk about a learning experience!!!  There's still some minor changes to be made.  But the majority of the work is for paint...what color do you see???  You'll be surprised when you see the photos.....

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October 22, 2006 - I know that I haven't posted anything here in a long time, but the pics I've been taking are scattered all over the Maxitear site.  Now that I'm building this site only for my trike, I decided that this is where all of my new pics are going to be located from now on out.  So, here's what My Rat Rod looks like today!  I've painted it black, added a bubble windshield, changed the exhaust system, changed the front wheel, taken off the rear fenders (working on new ones), streamlined the sheet metal.  It continues to evolve as I've found good and bad things about it.  Mostly, it gets Carolyn and I down the road to new adventures.  We've been all over Bakersfield and Kern County with it.  Some of our outings have included the Central Coast (Nipomo to Cambria more than once), Lake Isabella & Kernville numerous times, Wrightwood and Table Mountain Campground, Lake Tahoe, and many other places.  Keep checking back to see where our new adventures take us.





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