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We went on an impromptu run to the lake. We spent some time with Jerry's dog Charlie and his dad's dog Sandy east of Onyx. Those graves are over 30 years old and you can still read the names. Pretty cool. There were throngs of campers all around the lake. Took the old road down the canyon. Amazing how powerful water is...The river is roaring.

We rode with Scott & Michelle to the Tule Elk Reserve where the video starts. Then on out to McKittrick, Derby Acres, Fellows & Taft where we had dinner. The Chilled & Grilled Restaurant is a good place to eat if you're in Taft. Then we took the back roads home...even though the weather was never did rain. GOOD RIDE.

Met up with Scott & Michelle while riding in town. Went out to Hart Park and spent some quality time with the peacocks. On to Lake Ming and while coming back Michelle had the camera and took rare footage of Jerry & I on the trike...enjoy because Bubbles is baaaaaaack!!! :)

If you have not been to Allensworth California,"In August 1908 Colonel Allen Allensworth and four other settlers established a town founded, financed and governed by African Americans. Their dream of developing an abundant and thriving community stemmed directly from a strong belief in programs that allowed blacks to help themselves create better lives. By 1910 Allensworths success was the focus of many national newspaper articles praising the town and its inhabitants." We rode our trikes to this quiet state park. Steve & Terri walked the park looking around and Jerry & I flew kites. (Much better wind today.) The Park Ranger came over and she even flew kites with us. Pretty fun. We then rode on up to Corcoran (famous for housing Charles Manson) and had a great lunch at El Capitan (if you ever get to Corcoran...go there...very good food). Rode through rough roads to Tulare and over to Porterville Hwy and home. Long, but good ride.









































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